Incorrect Use of Backgrounds



Use the official USMC Blue Pantone 2945 as a background.

If typography is reversed to white ensure there is sufficient contrast for legibility and accessibility.

Select an image that is simple and allows for sufficient contrast when overlaying the logo over a photo or image.

Selectively darken the area of the photo or image if needed. Contact us if you need assistance.

Ensure that the minimum allowable logo size is 60% of the original logo artwork or 2.5” wide.

Keep the overall look around the logo simple with ample clear space around the logo.


Don’t place logo on non-official background colours.

Avoid placing the logo on busy or distracting backgrounds.

Never use black, dark gray, ruby, gold or a gradient as a background.

Avoid using the blue logo with a red, ruby or pink background – the colours are jarring.

Don’t change the colour of the logotype text or re-size any element of the logo.

Don’t place the logo in a “box” or in any unusual shape such as a “keystone”.