Stationery: Letterhead, Business Card, Address Label and #10 Envelope


The date line begins 2.75″ from the top of the page.

Allow two line spaces above the addressee’s name, title, company name, etc. and one line above the salutation.

In the body of the letter, add one line space between paragraphs.

Allow three line spaces for the signature above the name of the sender.

Paragraph Text
Adobe Garamond Pro (Commercial Pre-printed)
Times New Roman (Digital MS Word)
Size: 12 pt.
Colour: Black

Footer Text
Trade Gothic (Commercial Pre-printed)
Calibri (Digital MS Word)
Size: 8 pt.
Colour: Pantone 2945 U Primary Blue

Addressee Text
The envelope addressee text begins 1.75″ from the top of the envelope and 4″ from the left. Set type flush left.
Times New Roman
Size: 11 pt. on 1.1 spacing (leading)
Colour: Black


Business Card Example

Address Label

Envelope Example


Download the MS Word templates for digital letterhead.

Pre-printed letterhead is available upon request.


Don’t justify heading, paragraph or body text for letters, reports, bulletins or brochures.

Avoid indentations for paragraphs.

Don’t exceed the 6.5″ maximum line length.