Bursary Application

Mediaeval Studies Bursary

To be awarded to students pursuing Mediaeval Studies at St Michael’s who have demonstrated financial need, who have also applied for other funds (e.g. government assistance), and/or who have not been able to do their usual paid work, during COVID-19. Preference will be given to Mediaeval Studies students (Specialty, Major or Minor) who are studying at St. Michael’s and are registered at St. Michael’s College. If funds allow, other students in St. Michael’s Mediaeval Studies program will be eligible to receive the bursary. Applications are due Monday, 30 November 2020
  • Valid 'utoronto' address required.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, microsoftword.
    Please include a letter describing how COVID-19 has impacted your financial circumstances, all other funding sources you have sought, and how this bursary will help you.