AV Equipment

AV Rentals are a must for nearly every event! This guide will assist you with deciding what your AV requirements are and how to best select your equipment.

Your Event:

What type of event are you hosting? This is the key question to think about when selecting equipment. For lectures, you may want to consider what type of presentation your speakers will be giving. Will they being using Power Point? Are your attendance numbers high and the room large? Is your speaker an active walker or more stationary? Will you be inviting guests to ask questions?

Typically for banquet dinners with presentations a full AV set up will be needed. A full set up may include speakers, a data projector and screen, microphone(s) and a sound system. Perhaps additional equipment or cables will be needed, audio cables for portable music devices are often requested in order to boost the ambiance of the event.

AV Equipment rentals can reduce your costs and the hassle of setting up the equipment yourself.

AV Equipment Specifications:

You may need to consider the specifications of the equipment required. If you would like to have microphones, you need to make sure that a sound system is either ordered for your event or included in the room. Likewise, if you are planning a computer presentation you will need a data projector and screen.

For computers, guests are welcome to bring their own or one can be rented through Conference Services. If you are bringing your own computer you will need to make sure it has a regular HDMI port so that it can be connected to a data projector. Apple products, in particular, may require additional cables.

How tech savvy is your group? AV technicians can be requested through the Conference Services Department. There is a minimum call-in of four hours for all events. AV Technicians are $30/hr.

AV Equipment A-la-Carte:
Cassette/CD Player $37.00
Data Projector $100.00
Flipchart $25.00
Overhead Projector $30.00
Portable P.A. System $130.00
Screen $20.00
Speaker Phone $50.00
VCR,Monitor and Stand $75.00
Microphone $25.00
Laptop $100.00
Blackboard $15.00
Internet (Individual Access)$20.00
(Group Wifi Access) $100.00
Tech Support Tech Support ($20 per hour, minimum 4 hours)
Prices are subject to HST | Prices are subject to change