Mediaeval Seminar II: Orthodoxy, Controversy and Female Religious Identity


From the early thirteenth century onwards, groups of women who were unable or unwilling to pursue a traditional religious vocation
chose to dedicate themselves to active charity. These women sought an apostolate beyond monastic cloisters. The liminal status
of these women – between the secular and religious spheres – became increasingly controversial from the beginning of the fourteenth century. This course traces the evolution and changing social role of women (lay, religious, and those in between). Through a rigorous examination of primary sources, it addresses issues such as the relationship between the religious and secular, popular religion, heresy, the supernatural, mysticism, and the changing ideals of female holiness.

Course code: SMC406H1F

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Exclusions and Prerequisites

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Prerequisite: permission of the instructor

Recommended preparation: SMC210H1 / SMC212H1 or other mediaeval courses

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