COVID Confidentiality

COVID Confidentiality

Dear Colleagues,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, the possibility of a confirmed or unconfirmed case(s) occurring within your unit increases. We know that members of our community are concerned, and we want to assure you that the University is prepared to support your unit should a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19 occurs. Currently, Toronto Public Health and our Occupational Health & Safety Team indicate that there is an overall low risk level.

If a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19 should occur in your academic unit, please do the following:

  • Do not share information regarding anyone who has a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19 in order to protect medical confidentiality. The University must respect the privacy of individuals who are being tested or who have tested positive for COVID-19. Directors, Managers, and Supervisor should not send any messaging directly to faculty, staff, or others.
  • The Occupational Health & Safety team at Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) will work with the appropriate offices to contact those who have had contact with the individual in in USMC workplaces, in keeping with public health directives. Public health authorities may also continue to contact exposed persons as is their usual practice.
  • All employees and students should monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms listed in the University’s COVID-19 FAQs
    • If experiencing symptoms, please have employees and students follow the directives detailed on the Toronto Public Health website including self-isolating, taking the available Self-Assessment and following the recommendations for seeking additional care from their primary care provider, Telehealth or nearest hospital based of their symptoms
    • If an employee or student is contacted by a Public Health authority with regards to COVID-19, please have them contact the University’s Occupational Health Nurse at:
  • If any student is sick or self-isolating, they should advise their supervisor, undergraduate coordinator, or graduate coordinator as applicable of their status.
  • If any employee is sick or self-isolating, they should send an email to their Director, Manager, or Supervisor and copy Human Resources at
  • If advised by Public Health that they are to self-isolate, any employee or student must confirm with Public Health that they are clear to resume normal activities prior to returning to work or study.

Currently precautionary self-isolation is only required if you have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19, such as a household member. There are currently no recommendations for broad self-isolation should a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19 occur within your academic unit unless directed by a Public Health authority.

We will provide additional information to our community should Public Health advises that risk levels have changed. For all the latest information, please see the University’s Coronavirus pagePlease take the time to review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and the HR & Equity COVID-19 page. If you or members of your unit have a question that is not covered, please consider using the Contact Us button located at the top of the FAQ section to submit your question.