2020 Orientation and other student events offered online

Dear Student Leaders,

As we prepare for the start of a new academic year, the University’s first priority remains the health and safety of our entire community. In response to recent guidelines for in-person events and gatherings released by the University of Toronto in conjunction with public health guidelines, we would like to share the following update with you regarding in-person activities held by your groups this fall.

To provide the safest experience for you and for our incoming students, Orientation 2020 will be held almost entirely online. Student leaders will be expected to serve online from their personal residences for all programming, except for their individual tour or for tour registration.  Similarly, all incoming students will participate in the Orientation program remotely, except for their individual tour time. Incoming students and student leaders who are unable or uncomfortable attending in-person tours will be able to attend a similar program virtually.

Additionally, all non-essential activities coordinated by Student Leaders will also  be held online, including:

a. Meetings

b. Events

c.  Rehearsals

d. Performances

e. Workshops

We realize this news is disappointing as many of you have already invested a lot of time and effort into planning in-person activities for the coming year. We expect the university’s COVID Event Guidelines will be revised as the situation changes; for now however,  we are following the current advice of public health authorities. 

In light of the new guidelines, we kindly request that all student proposals for “essential” in-person programming, be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students at least one month in advance of the proposed date.  All in-person proposals will be considered by the Dean’s Office, in conjunction with other USMC Departments, before a decision is shared with the student group.  In order to serve your peers during the coming year, all clubs and student groups are encouraged to work with the Campus Life Coordinator and/or the Assistant Dean of Residence Life, to develop their online programming.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate the best way to serve you and your peers during this unprecedented year. I am confident that, by continuing to work together, we will ensure a healthy, safe, and successful start in September.


Dean of Students Office