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Supporting you in finding the resources you need, whether you are a student, an instructor, or staff member, is our specialty. Contact your Liaison Librarian below, get assignment help, or check out our collections.

Writing Consultations

The Writing Centre at the Kelly Library helps all registered St. Michael’s College students, including students in the Faculty of Theology. Any individual enrolled in an SMC course may also receive help with their SMC writing assignments.

Students may book private online 30-minute appointments with a writing instructor to discuss their written assignments.

Find out more about the University of St. Michael’s College Writing Centre.

Research Consultations

The Kelly Library offers a variety of services to help students with their research, including online one-on-one research help consultations, email, and research guides. Our online one-on-one research consultations are an opportunity for students to review and improve their approach to a research project by consulting with a librarian.

Students may book private 30 or 45-minute online appointments with a librarian to discuss their research strategies.

Find out more about Kelly Library Research Help Consultations.

Email Research Help

If you have a question, ask us! Contact a librarian at or send us a message using the form on the right.

Personal Librarians

Your Personal Librarian is your University of Toronto library contact. The Kelly Library’s team of Personal Librarians help first year St. Michael’s College students and all USMC Faculty of Theology students. Our role is to make your life easier by helping you navigate resources and build your research skills.

That’s where we come in. Please contact Dave, Richard, James, or Noel as much as you like with any questions you have about your assignments, your research, the library system, or academics generally.

How Can My Personal Librarian Help Me?

Please contact us as much as you like with any questions you have about your assignments, your research, the library system, or academics generally. While we won’t do your research or write your paper for you, we can:

  • Be your key contact for all your library and research needs
  • Help you get started with your research
  • Offer tips and tricks to find the best resources
  • Help you develop a research strategy for your assignments
  • Answer any questions you have about library services or policies
  • Keep you up-to-date with periodic emails highlighting new resources and programs, as well as notices and timely reminders

Who Is My Personal Librarian?

You can find your Personal Librarian (PL) by last name below. For example, if your last name is Smith, your PL is James; if Bouchard, Dave; if Li, Richard. If you’re a graduate student in the USMC Faculty of Theology, your Personal Librarian is Noel.


Liaison Librarians

Kelly librarians and staff work to help instructors with their teaching and research. Contact Your Liaison Librarian, who can consult with you on the services and resources available for your program or research.

Richard Carter
College Programs: Celtic Studies, Mediaeval Studies, SMC One: The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories
Language Departments: Germanic Studies

Noel McFerran
College Programs: Christianity and Culture
Faculty of Theology

Remi Pulwer 
Language Departments: Italian Studies, Slavic Studies 

James Roussain 
College Programs: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas, Book and Media Studies
Language Departments:  French Studies

Kelly InfoExpress

Kelly InfoExpress is the Kelly Library’s premium document delivery service exclusively for faculty members at the University of St Michael’s College.  TheKelly InfoExpressservice retrieves books, articles, and other materials from the Kelly Library, other University of Toronto libraries, the internet, and inter-library loan. Items are delivered to and picked up from faculty offices.

Find out more about Kelly InfoExpress.