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Kelly InfoExpress

Kelly InfoExpress

Kelly InfoExpress is the Kelly Library’s premium document delivery service exclusively for faculty members at the University of St Michael’s College. The Kelly InfoExpress service retrieves books, articles, and other materials from the Kelly Library, other University of Toronto libraries, the internet, and inter-library loan. Items are delivered to and picked up from faculty offices.

Who is eligible to use Kelly Info Express?

Full-time faculty members with offices on the campus of the University of St Michael’s College, including faculty members from any of the following groups:

  1. the Faculty of Theology
  2. the four college programs of St Michael’s College
  3. the four UofT language departments located at USMC
  4. senior USMC administrators
    We ask that you limit your Kelly InfoExpress requests to materials that relate to your own teaching and research.

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How do I submit a request?

Send your requests by e-mail to Include as much bibliographic citation information as possible (at least the author and title). E-mail ensures that we have a paper trail to track your request. When your e-mail request is received and read (usually the same or next business day), Kelly InfoExpress will send you an e-mail confirmation.

How long does it take to receive a requested item?

We try to deliver requested items to you within three business days. If an item cannot be delivered to you within three business days (because it is temporarily unavailable or because we have to obtain it through interlibrary loan), we will notify you by e-mail and continually update you on our efforts to retrieve the item.

Will Kelly InfoExpress go to other libraries to retrieve materials for me?

Absolutely. We will retrieve materials from other libraries on the St. George Campus, other UofT campuses, or around the world (through interlibrary loan).

May I request items on a rush basis?

If you have an emergency rush request, we will try to provide you with the item as soon as possible. Please tell us the date and time you need the item.

If I send a list of items, how long will it take for Kelly InfoExpress to retrieve all of the items on the list?

When you send a list of items to Kelly InfoExpress, we will deliver the materials to you as we receive them, rather than waiting to gather all of them for a one-time delivery.

In which format — paper or electronic — will I receive my items?

If the item you request is available electronically in a page-image format, Kelly InfoExpress will send you the item as an e-mail attachment, which you can print yourself if you wish. If you prefer to receive the item in paper, let us know when you send in your request. Items not available electronically will of course be delivered in paper.

How are paper items delivered to me?

All paper items are delivered to your office, or retrievable from the Kelly InfoExpress office.

Can Kelly InfoExpress help me if I am browsing the shelves in the Kelly Library and find a book chapter or article that I want copied?

Yes. Please bring the item to the Kelly InfoExpress office, and a PDF of the book chapter or article will be emailed to you.

May my student research assistant use Kelly InfoExpress on my behalf?

Kelly InfoExpress is a personal service intended exclusively for faculty members with offices at the University of St Michael’s College. Your research assistant must retrieve and copy materials for research and submit interlibrary loans for you on his own, outside of the Kelly InfoExpress system. Research assistants may not forward requests to Kelly InfoExpress on your behalf.

How do I return borrowed books and interlibrary loan materials that Kelly InfoExpress delivers to me?

Please return all University of Toronto library books to the Kelly Library, either at the Circulation Desk or through the outside book drop. All InterLibrary Loan books must be returned to the Kelly InfoExpress office. When we are making a delivery to your office, we will be happy to pick up any books you wish to return.

Is there anything Kelly InfoExpress cannot do for me?

Kelly InfoExpress can only make copies of copyrighted materials within the limits of the Canada Copyright Act and University of Toronto Fair Dealing Guidelines. If one of your requests raises a copyright concern, we will contact you to work out a satisfactory solution.