Kelly InfoExpress for Graduate Students & Faculty

What is the Kelly InfoExpress service?

Kelly InfoExpress for graduate students and faculty is a resource delivery service geared towards meeting the research needs of our community. We aim to fill requests within three business days.

Eligible patrons can submit retrieval requests for books or book chapters, print or electronic articles, and other materials available at the John M. Kelly Library, other University of Toronto libraries, or through interlibrary loan. We will supply retrieved materials directly to you.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently limited to only supplying scans of print book chapters and articles located at the John M. Kelly Library. Fulfillment times may vary. Items will be supplied to you electronically.

Please note that the InfoExpress service can only reproduce materials within the limits of the Canada Copyright Act and University of Toronto Fair Dealing Guidelines. You will be advised of any copyright restrictions that may apply to your request.

All physical books must be returned to the Kelly library.

How do I submit a request?

E-mail your requests to and please include as much citation information as possible. You will receive confirmation when your request has been received.

Who is eligible to use the Kelly InfoExpress service?

Faculty and graduate students from any of the following groups:

  • The USMC Faculty of Theology
  • Students of other Toronto School of Theology (TST) colleges who are in a USMC course
  • The four college programs of St. Michael’s College: Book and Media Studies, Celtic Studies, Christianity and Culture, and Mediaeval Studies
  • The four University of Toronto language departments located at USMC: French, Italian, German, and the Slavic languages
  • Senior USMC administrators

Can I recommend a book purchase through InfoExpress?

Yes you can!  If the book you requested is not available at any of the University of Toronto libraries and  would be a valuable addition to our collection, we will consider its acquisition.