Kelly librarians and staff work to help instructors with their teaching and research. Contact Your Liaison Librarian, who can consult with you on the services and resources available for your program or research.

Research Support

Liaison Librarians

Richard Carter richard.carter@utoronto.ca
College Programs: Celtic Studies, Mediaeval Studies, SMC One: The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories
Language Departments: Germanic Studies

Noel McFerran noel.mcferran@utoronto.ca
College Programs: Christianity and Culture
Faculty of Theology

Remi Pulwer remi.pulwer@utoronto.ca 
Language Departments:Italian Studies, Slavic Studies

James Roussain james.roussain@utoronto.ca 
College Programs: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas, Book and Media Studies
Language Departments:  French Studies

Recommend a Title

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Kelly InfoExpress

Kelly InfoExpress is the Kelly Library’s premium document delivery service exclusively for faculty members at the University of St Michael’s College.  TheKelly InfoExpressservice retrieves books, articles, and other materials from the Kelly Library, other University of Toronto libraries, the internet, and inter-library loan. Items are delivered to and picked up from faculty offices.

Find out more about Kelly InfoExpress.

Teaching Support

Information Literacy Instruction

Information Literacy is one of Arts & Science’s five undergraduate competencies for “learning and applying knowledge” at the University of Toronto. Kelly librarians have extensive knowledge of and experience with teaching information literacy to students, whether undergraduate or graduate students, large or small classes. We’re keen to pay your students—and your syllabi—a visit!

Undergraduate classes



Graduate Theology classes


What We Offer

While we can visit your classroom, we can also host you and your students at the Kelly Library’s 2nd floor computer lab. From databases and primary sources to citation and concept mapping, we can focus on whatever aspect of research you think most useful, and tailor our instruction to your subject area and assignments.

Syllabus Service

The Kelly Library Syllabus Service assists instructors with the creation of an electronic course reader with Quercus. An organized weekly reading schedule that links to electronic articles, UofT Library catalogue records and copyright compliant scans ensures every student has access to the course readings. A Transactional License is purchased for any material that goes beyond the limits of the Fair Dealing section within the Canadian Copyright Act. This service eliminates the student costs associated with course packs and exposes them to the vast resources available from the UofT Libraries.

How it Works

Submit syllabi to Kelly InfoExpress, and staff will begin to collect material, scan chapters, and purchase copyright permissions. This all in one service will post all relevant information to the course’s Quercus webpage.




Course Reserves

Course Reserves amends the loan period of Kelly Library books and DVDs to increase access of the material for students.



Copyright Guidance

Section 27(1): “Copyright in a work shall be deemed to be infringed by any person who, without the consent of the owner of the copyright, does anything by this Act, only the owner of the copyright has the right to do.” Section 27(2) The following acts do not constitute an infringement of copyright:

  • Any fair dealing with any work for the purposes of: research, private study, education, parody, or satire.

The Canadian Copyright Act

The Kelly Library provides assistance with clarifying the Copyright Act of Canada, ensuring material is within compliance of the law, seeking copyright permissions for material that goes beyond Fair Dealing, and locating alternate sources for when permissions cannot be obtained.



Supplementary information

  • Copyright means the “right to copy”. It is the exclusive right of the creator of the work; unless that right is waived.
  • Copyright protection is extended automatically to works upon their creation. The work need not state it is copyrighted to be protected.
  • The following rights are the exclusive rights of the owners’ of copyright:

The right to make copies The right to assign or license the use of a work Distribution rights Adaptation rights Public performance rights Moral rights

Works protected by copyright

Original works whatever may be the mode or form of their expression including, but not limited to: books, letters (whether business or personal), photographs, portraits, musical works, sound recordings, audio-visual works, computer programs, newspaper, magazine, or journal articles.

Links to Copyright Resources

Copyright issues are often complex. For general information, links to legislation and other useful information:

Quercus Queries

For St. Mike’s College Program faculty – Contact Stephanie Taylor, Program Administrator, Office of the Principal, at sm.taylor@utoronto.ca.

For  USMC Faculty of Theology faculty – Contact Diana Cappuccitti-Addeo, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Theology (416-926-7265, ex. 67265).