Sterndale Joseph Murphy

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Rank and Honours: Major, then reverted to Captain at time of death
Military Cross (Awarded 14th October, 1918, posthumously?)
Unit(s): 208th Battalion, Central Ontario Regiment (Major)
3rd Overseas Battalion, reverted to Captain to obtain transfer to this overseas battalion
Next of Kin / Parents: Mrs. John B. Murphy (mother), 56 St. George Street, Toronto, Ont.
Dr. J.B. Murphy (father) Brockville, Ont. (?)
Mrs. S. Murphy (wife) 32 Summerhill Gardens, Toronto, Ont.
Pte. Leo Murphy (brother)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Enlisted: 12-Dec-16
Date of Death (& Place): 14 October, 1918 fatally wounded while .phpsting one of his wounded men to safety.
Burial Information: Chapel Corner Cemetery, Sauchy-Lestree, Pas de Calaises France
Sauchy-Lestree is a village in the Department of the Pas de Calaise and a little north of the road from Arras to Cambrai. Chapel Corner Cemetery is about 0.75 kilometres south-east of the village.
Further Personal Information: STERNDALE JOSEPH MURPHY (Captain) Military Cross
A talented student of St. Michael’s enrolled as of 1901, he was linguistically talented as evidenced by his winning top prizes in French and German. As well, he had a strong aptitude for music.
He originally enlisted on December 12, 1916 and became Major with the 208th Battalion. He reverted rank to Captain to enable his transfer to the 3rd Battalion. He was honoured with the Military Cross, in an action in which he was killed, while .phpsting his wounded men to safety, October 14th, 1918.
Note: extract from Students at SMC By Fr. M Oliver CSB.
Photo of Captain Murphy from Veterans Affairs Canada is courtesy of Queens University Archives. He probably was in the ROTC/COTC while at Queens which would account for his ranks major/captain (more than likely was subsequently in an army reserve/militia unit).
Obituary and pictures available from Veterans Affairs Canada, Toronto Star 26th Oct. 1918, also for his article on an action prior to his death. Toronto Star, 2nd November, 1918.
Details have been verified from the following sources: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Veterans Affairs Canada

Commonwealth War Grave Commission