Barrie Phillip Cardinal

Poppy - Lest We Forget

Rank and Honours: Pilot officer 3/7.97
Unit(s): Royal Canadian Air Force ( Seconded to 214 Royal Air Force)
Next of Kin/Parents: Mr. Louis Arthur and Mrs. Dorothy Margaret Cardinal
Toronto, Ontario
Date of Birth: 1921
Date of Death (& Place): 7 June 1942 Probably somewhere around “Waddenzee/Ijsselmeer [Zuyder Zee] “Netherlands”
Burial Information: Terschelling ( Westerschelling) Genera Cemetery

Netherlands #41

Further Personal Information Roll of Honour:

St. Michaels College Yearbook

“The Thurible”   1944 ( P10)

1945 ( P. 8)

War memorial –More/ Fisher Slype

St. Michaels College

War Memorial outside Chapel

St. Michael’s College School

Details have been verified from the following sources: Veterans Affairs Canada
See Also: Virtual War Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves Commission