Bruce C. Slattery

Poppy - Lest We Forget

Rank and Honours: Lieutenant – Pilot – Probably with “Grumman avenger” torpedo bomber
Unit(s): USMC (Unites States Marine Corps) – Air wing
Next of Kin/Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Slattery

1532, Culliver Rd.

Rochester, NY

Date of Birth:
Enlisted: October, 1942 (ACF)
Date of Death (& Place): 31 August, 1944

Flying/training accident in USA

Burial Information: N/A
Further Personal Information Roll of Honour:

War memorial –More/ Fisher Slype

St. Michaels College

War Memorial outside Chapel

St. Michael’s College School


Honour Roll CYB 1945-46 pg. 9

Western Course SMC 1938-40

(could be 1938-39 – recorded by WM H O’Brien CSB (capt., rt’d, con army, RCA))


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