Leo Anthony Roger

Poppy - Lest We Forget

Rank and Honours: Stoker, First Class
Unit(s): Royal Canadian Navel Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR)

HMCS Athabaskan – destroyer – tribal class

Next of Kin/Parents: Mr. Joseph John and Mrs. Catherine AgnesRoger


Date of Birth: 1922
Date of Death (& Place): April 29, 1944

In action with HMCS Haida – in pursuit of three enemy destroyers off the French coast. Torpedoed by one of the destroyers – blew up and sank Haida.

Helped rescue 44, captured by enemy 83, 129 officers/men including the captain and Lt. cmdr John Stubs were lost*

Age: 22
Burial Information: Plouescat Communal Cemetery, Finistere, France

Row B, Grave 7

Further Personal Information: Roll of honor

War memorial. More/Fisher Slype- S. Michael’s College

War memorial outside chapel

St. Michael’s College School


*In Hal Lawrence’s (ret’d- Sr. Off in command 14th escort sqdn) book “Victory at Sea”, Haida, after “laying a smoke screen” on Athabaska’s bow, pursued and sank/crippled the “German elbing class destroyers,” returned, and along with a number of MTBs (motor torpedo boats) picked up survivors. He lists the battle as happening on April 29, 1944. The “OAs” room “wren” telegraphist, in naval base HMS Plymoth, informed Capt. Stubs and the Capt. of Haida, Cmdr. Harry Dewolf of the enemy destroyers and with radar, guided them into battle.

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