Paul Irving Wegman

Paul Irving Wegman

Rank and Honours: STF SGT ( Staff Sergeant) Ser#32250993 BA SMC 1940 4TO
Unit(s): US Army
Next of Kin/Parents:
Date of Birth: 1918
Date of Death (& Place): 25 April 1945 Boguio Mt. Province, Luzon, Philippines
Age: 21-25
Burial Information: Manila American Cemetery and Memorial ( ?) Following WWII , Remains Repatriated to: Holly Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester NY
Further Personal Information UofT Registrars List of Deceased 1949

Honour Roll CYB, 1945-46 P.9

Pictures: CYB, 1939, Class 4T0, P 101

Torontonemsis, Class 4T0 and Grad Picture p81

CYB 1937, Class 4T0 Pass Arts Course

High School- Aquinas Institute, Rochester, NY,USA

Roll of Honour:

War Memorial More/ Fisher

Slype, St. Michaels

War memorial outside Chapel

St. Michaels College School

Details have been verified from the following sources: University Toronto Memorial book 1939-45 P. 74- Picture 10th P. LR

Monroe County, State of New York- archives. Gov’t List-Listed. KIA