Catholic Education Week 2017: “Walking Forward Together”

Catholic Education Week is celebrated every year in Ontario during the first week of May. Those of us involved directly– teachers, support staff, administrators, custodial staff, parents, students and trustees –  celebrate the gift of Catholic Education every day of the year. We have the gift of teaching students about God, helping them to grow in faith and truth, and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to be able to share our love of God in the safe and nurturing environment of a Catholic community in a Catholic school. How many in the world get to do the same? This gift also includes being publicly funded. Parents do not have to pay to send their children to a Catholic school in Ontario. It is truly a blessing that all Catholic children can have an excellent Catholic education no matter what their family’s income might be.

Being at student at St. Michael’s College myself, I am in classes with teachers and those aspiring to be teachers. I marvel at their zeal and energy to bring our Catholic faith to life in their classrooms and in the lives of their students. You too are gift and I thank God for you.

The value we bring to the world as people of faith is most significant–being not afraid to live as Christians, going beyond ourselves to help others. Let Catholic Education Week remind us that we have a voice, a voice we raise to seek justice and dignity for all in the world; a voice we raise to advocate for Catholic Education, an instrument of salt and light in the world. Join together at and learn how you can strengthen Catholic Education.

Happy Catholic Education Week! Visit:

You are also invited to participate in the province wide engagement, Renewing the Promise:


Nancy Crawford

Trustee, Toronto Catholic District School Board and part-time MRE student at the Faculty of Theology in the University of St. Michael’s College