From Founders House: A Recent Visitor Writes

From Founders House: A Recent Visitor Writes

Dear members of the USMC community,

I’m delighted to share with you a letter that His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah sent to us in follow-up to his recent visit. You’ll note that the message from the Cardinal ends with a blessing for our community.


March 24, 2018

Dear President Mulroney,

Now that I have had the chance to reflect on my grace-filled visit to the Archdiocese of Toronto, I write to you to thank you and the entire University community at St. Michael’s College for the opportunity to address you on a topic so close to my heart, “Attending to the ‘Still, Small Voice’ of the Lord.” The attention given by the large assembly and the most gracious welcome and generous hospitality that I received moved me greatly and have remained with me as I remember you, the Faculty and students before the Lord in my prayers.

Please continue to pray for me in my own mission in service of the Church and our Holy Father. As we close Lent and enter the the Sacred Triduum and Eastertide, my wish for us all is that we are illumined in our quest for the truth by the motto of the Carthusian community of Saint Bruno, which provides a firm frame of reference in a changing world: Stat crux dum volvitur orbis (“The Cross is steady while the world is turning”). Like the Blessed Mother, who stood beneath the Cross, may we be united with her in patient steadfastness, silent prayer and the same sacrifice of love!

As I ask kindly that you extend my gratitude to all those who have accompanied me in this visit, I willingly impart my Apostolic Blessing upon you, President Mulroney, and the University of St. Michael’s College, as I remain


Sincerely in the Lord,

Robert Cardinal Sarah


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