Happy New Year USMC

Happy New Year USMC

Good morning USMC.  Welcome to 2017!

I would like to begin by extending to you and your family and friends, the greatest of blessings for the coming year.  May you experience great consolation and joy in both your personal and professional life.  May you also witness the great love, hope and promise that comes with our personal relationships and our commitment to ensuring that a Catholic education be first and foremost here at USMC.  Let us not be complacent in our approach and let us with great dignity and respect ensure that all students, faculty and staff are included in the ongoing formation of all involved at the University of St. Michael’s College.

A few highlights to consider when participating in Campus Ministry this month.  Make sure to get involved and be the hands that make a difference here at USMC and in our local community.  Please let us know how we can better serve you in 2017:

January 9- Drop-In Breakfast with Campus Ministry, Room 101 Brennan Hall (weekly event every Monday from 9-11a.m.)

January 9- Faith & Study Series in partnership with the Faculty of Theology, The Coop from 12:30-2p.m.  Light refreshments to be served

January 11- Discernment Group Meeting, Brennan Hall room 101- open to all students contemplating direction and guidance in their vocation (weekly event every Wednesday from 5-6p.m.)

January 18- Sandwich Patrol in partnership with Living Learning Community, Brennan Hall room 101 from 5-8p.m. 

Spiritual Guidance, Angelo Minardi- Director of Campus Ministry– every Friday in Brennan Hall room 101, call or email Angelo to set-up an appointment 416-926-7278 or angelo.minardi@utoronto.ca

Angelo Minardi

Director of Campus Ministry