USMC Saints

USMC Saints

Joe Lima has been with the University of St. Michael’s College Facilities &  Services team since 1978.  He came to Canada in 1974 and started working in construction on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, where at the age of 20 began working at USMC for 38 long amazing years and counting!

Joe’s passion has always been working and helping the students of USMC; he’s always been involved with the student community, whether it’s been with USMC groups or residence and staff.  His favourite memories from USMC have always been working with the students, helping out with annual barbeques, SMCSU events, UTICA events, and most importantly Kelly’s Corner!

Our thanks is also extended to all the staff and services personnel that assist students and the USMC campus on a daily basis! We love you all, and more so, we love you too Joe!  God bless you!

Alexandra del Castello

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