St. Mike’s Students

St. Mike’s Students

Name: Madeline Dawson

Year of Study: 4

From: Toronto

Program of Study: Christianity and Culture, English (in St. Michael’s concurrent education)

USMC activities involved with: Props manager for SMC Troubadours, Loretto Don, active member of campus ministry, volunteer, Frosh leader in second and third year, Rosa Sanctissimi Prayer Group, Loretto Rosary Group

  1. What is your favorite activity you are involved with at St. Mikes? Why?
    “My favorite activity is being the props manager for the SMC Troubadours, because that community has furnished my mind with so many beautiful memories. We build together, sing together, problem solve together- and I know we are just going to keep growing as a group. There are already many ideas brewing for initiatives for next year, like pop up monologues and singing performances. I’ll have graduated by next year, but I’ll still be a part of the performances; alumni are still considered apart of the family. I’d also love to continue being apart of the prayer group and visiting the senior homes with Jeremy and the crew.”
  2. What is it like being a don at Loretto? What types of events are held for the residents there?
    “Loretto is one big sisterhood, and between house council initiatives and don initiatives, and the spark and spunk brought by the rest of our girls, there are always things going on. Next week we have a very secret soiree planned (I can’t describe the event, but a hint is it’s hearkening to a glamorous past), and so preparations are under way for that. One of my favorite recent memories of Loretto has been the choreographing of a dance to “All I Want For Christmas Is You”; we performed it at the Gingerbread decorating event before Christmas. It was so much fun; I’m not a choreographer but all the girls really brought it- I was blown away. The environment in the residence is always very carefree and fun. We also are excited to continue competing with our brother floors- Upper Brennan and Lower Sorbara- in Deans’s Cup events; we just won dodgeball and our on our way to dominating for the rest of the year!”
  3. What is your favorite thing about St. Mikes?
    “I love that St. Mikes is a comfortable place to explore and practice my Catholic faith. It is unusual to be in an environment where so many Catholic intellectuals are open to questions and will provide you with beautiful insights of our traditions and our past. I also love that it’s a really bubbly atmosphere; I’m always meeting very happy people- both students and staff-  who are eager to engage in student life. The Loretto sisters and there deans of Loretto, the staff and the Basillian fathers and Father Donovan, Angelo Minardi and Oriana Bertucci are all really great role models and servers in our community.”
  4. Why do you think it’s important for people to get involved with their college?
    “I think it’s important for people to get involved with their college for the sake of happiness. While growing up, my Mom would always advise me that if someone went through the trouble of organizing an event and hosting it, it is our duty to show up and support it; and I don’t think of it as a duty necessarily, but I have always really found a lot of enjoyment in it. It’s easy to become self involved when we aren’t putting ourselves out there in our community, and I think just seeing the smile on people’s faces when you get involved, and being apart of the events or helping find solutions to community’s problems is something we can all gain from.”
  5. What is your favorite memory from USMC?
    “My favorite moment from USCM was being in the production of Fiddler on the Roof in February, 2015. It had the tightest family, and I loved the show, the artistry of the set design,  and it’s music. In our rehearsals, we were always pushed to the limits, but we had a lot of fun too- we never stopped laughing. We would have to tow the set between our building site, and back to St. Mikes in the freezing cold, and everyone worked so hard; everything we did, we did together: the painting, the rehearsing, all of it. A lot of great friendships were born from that experience.”
  6. What is one piece of advice you have for 1st years at St Mikes?
    “There is more to University than just academics. Yes, it’s important to study and get good marks, but I think a lot of students convince themselves they have less spare time than they actually do. I would urge them to use that time to really get out there and become involved. Participating is a real way of finding fulfillment in life and I truly believe it is in giving that we receive.”
  7. What are your plans for after you graduate?
    “After I graduate, I’ll be attending teacher’s college at OISE and will be doing my practicum. I hope to still be active in the St. Mikes community and will be a Loretto Don. My long term goal is becoming a high school teacher in Toronto; I want to teach Religion and English classes. I’m also considering the possibility of later becoming a religious sister in life.”
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