Statement on the St. Michael’s College Student Union

In December 2016, the St. Michael’s College Student Union voted to prorogue their governance term until further notice. During this period of prorogation, USMC is committed to ensuring that existing SMCSU commitments are upheld and will continue to support a number of previously approved Council activities.

USMC will make every effort to ensure that funding is provided to those recognized student organizations whose operating budgets were approved in Fall 2016. By way of example, the St. Mike’s Troubadours will be hosting several theatrical productions this semester that will continue as planned. All intramural sports teams approved for the Winter 2017 term will participate in their respective leagues.

In addition, USMC is working diligently to conclude the financial investigation and establish sound financial practices for future student governments to follow. We look forward to restoring confidence and renewing the mission of student government leadership on our campus, a process that will involve close and regular consultation with our students.