The Future of Student Government at St. Michael’s

Some time ago we invited students to re-imagine student government on campus. Today we see the results of their work. I am tremendously grateful to all who participated in the survey and particularly grateful to the six students who authored this document: Emma Graham, Haseeb Hassaan, Tiger Lan, Erin McTague, James Pettem and Livy Wren. I am happy to endorse their vision and, in doing so, make only one request. I have asked that, before we hold the next elections for student office, we take the time to prepare a new code of conduct for SMCSU. Let’s spend the next few months sharing ideas and consulting on best practices. Let’s show real leadership in preparing a document that truly reflects the values of St. Mike’s, a document that sets a high standard for excellence in governance, for probity, and transparency. Most importantly, let’s take the time to produce a document notable for its clear and binding commitment to student safety and respect for every member of our community.

David Mulroney
President and Vice-Chancellor

University of St. Michael’s College Student Government Survey- Results

Re-imagining Student Government at St. Mike’s Report