Alexander Andrée


Professor, Mediaeval Studies Program Coordinator, Senior Advisor to the President on Academic and Community Affairs


Odette Hall 120

Office Phone: 416.926.1300 ext. 3225


Alexander Andrée is Professor of Latin and Palaeography and the Mediaeval Studies Program Coordinator. He received his BA and MA in Latin Philology from Lund University and his PhD from Stockholm University in Sweden. He studied the mediaeval auxiliary sciences (palaeography, codicology, diplomatics, textual criticism and editorial technique) with Fr Leonard Boyle, op, at the Vatican Library in Rome, and held research fellowships at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto and Harris Manchester College, Oxford. A specialist in mediaeval Latin literature, Prof. Andrée has published widely on the teaching of the medieval schools, especially the schools of Laon and Paris in the twelfth century. He has researched the creation of the so-called Glossa ‘ordinaria’ on the Bible, a standard theological teaching tool, partly originating in the teaching of Anselm of Laon, whose glosses on the Gospel of John Prof. Andrée edited for the series Corpus Christianorum, described by reviewers as a “model” edition. Prof. Andrée’s classroom edition of Peter Abelard’s Historia calamitatum (“The Story of My Calamities”) has been hailed as an “exceptionally useful … resource.” Currently Prof. Andrée is involved in a larger research project, involving Mark J. Clark and Joshua Benson, studying masters such as Peter Lombard, Peter Comestor, and Stephen Langton, which with Clark’s discovery of the biblical lectures of Peter Lombard, long-thought-to-be-lost but hidden in plain view, will revolutionize our understanding of intellectual life in the Middle Ages.

Areas of Interest

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Mediaeval Latin Philology
Mediaeval Manuscripts
Textual Criticism
Mediaeval Intellectual Culture
The Schools of the Twelfth Century
The Bible and Theology in the Middle Ages


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