Michael Attridge


Associate Professor, Director of Academic Programs


Alumni Hall 317

Office Phone: 416.926.8553 ext. 68553


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PhD (2004)
STL (2002)
MA (1997)
BA (1991)

Teaching and Research Areas

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I teach in the area of historical and systematic theology, courses in theological foundations, Christology, ecclesiology, 19th and 20th century theologians and movements, and the Second Vatican Council in Canada. I’m currently involved as a co-investigator in a four-year, SSHRC-funded research project comparing the different forms of catholicism in Ontario and Quebec in the period following Vatican II through the lens of liturgy and catechesis, ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, and socio-political engagement. I have supervised theses and dissertations on the reception of Vatican II in Canada, ecclesiology and ecclesiological method, and interreligious theology


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Edited books:
(Co-edited with Nicholas Olkovich, Darren Dias, and Matthew Eaton), The Promise of Renewal. Dominicans and Vatican II. Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2017. 389 pages.



“Growth of the Order of Preachers in North American in the Nineteenth Century: The First Dominican Friars in Canada,” Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum, Nova Series 2 (2017): 371-392.


“Receiving the Council Through Dialogue: Educational Institutions as Instruments of Reception,” Science et Esprit 68/2-3 (2016): 379-388


Book Chapters:

“From Objectivity to Subjectivity: Changes in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries and Their Impact on Post-Vatican II Theological Education.” In Catholic Education in the Wake of Vatican II, 21 – 41. Edited by Rosa Bruno Jofré and Jon Igelmo Zaldívar, University of Toronto Press, 2017.


“Le Conseil canadien des chrétiens et des juifs et Nostra Aetate.” In Juifs et chrétiens. 50 ans après Nostra Aetate (Héritage et projet, 80), 121-138. Edited by Jean Duhaime et Gilles Routhier. Quebec: Groupes Fides Inc., 2017.


(Co-Authored with Darren Dias), “Can We Still Speak of a Psychological Analogy After Vatican II?” In The Promise of Renewal. Dominicans and Vatican II, 183-202. Edited by Nicholas Olkovich, Michael Attridge, Darren Dias, Matthew Eaton. Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2017.


“The Local Bishop in the Renewal of Religious Life After Vatican II.” In Understanding the Consecrated Life in Canada: Critical Essays on Contemporary Trends, 113-130. Edited by Jason Zuidema. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2015.


“Vatican II’s Teaching on Peace and War: A Contribution to Conciliar Hermeneutics.” In Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace. Essays on Religion, Education and Democratic Life, 41-52. Edited by Carmel Borg and Michael Grech. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2014.