Review of the Office of the Principal

To All Members of the USMC Community:

An Invitation to Contribute

We are currently conducting a review of the office of Principal at the University of St. Michael’s College. This is standard procedure when a Principal reaches the final year of his or her 5-year term. Because our current Principal, Domenico Pietropaolo, has indicated that he does not wish to be considered for a 2nd term, the results of our review will be particularly useful to us in in selecting a new Principal, and will certainly help him or her in charting a way forward.

I have posed 3 over-arching and inter-related questions (see letter – attachment #1) to set the context of the review, and have asked several members of the review team (Committee list attachment #2) to help summarize our thinking around them once we have had a chance to hear from a range of people in our community.

I look forward to hearing from you.

1) Memo from the President Re: Review of the Office of the Principal
2) Review & Search Committee List


David Mulroney
President & Vice-Chancellor
University of St. Michael’s College
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