Dons and Senior Dons

The Dons
Dons live on campus and are responsible for supervising the various houses within SMC residence. They are hired by the Dean’s Office and consist mainly of senior undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated superior leadership qualities. Dons help to develop and maintain residence communities and also act as role models for the general student population. They work to ensure the environment in the residence houses remains conducive to sleep and study and that reasonable levels of conduct are maintained. Most importantly, dons serve as supportive, informed listeners and provide resource referrals for residents in need of assistance.

Senior Dons
There are three Senior Dons in the SMC Residence – one for each of our residence constituencies: Elmsley Hall & Upper Brennan, Queen’s Park & the Historic Houses, and Sorbara Hall. In addition to their regular duties, Senior Dons are responsible for assisting the Dean in formulating residence policy, participating in the hiring of new dons, providing guidance and instruction to their constituent dons, as well as being the first line of defence for problems that arise outside regular business hours.