Meal Plans

Canada Room Dining Hall
Canada Room Dining Hall

Meal plans are mandatory. Fees are included in SMC Residence fees and meal plans are loaded onto your T-Card.

All you can eat dining. Your T-Card is swiped upon entry into the Canada Room dining facility and you may choose whatever you wish to eat.

Diverse, nutritious options. Vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free options are always available.

Flex dollars. Each meal plan includes $200 flex dollars which are accepted exclusively on the USMC Campus (including Kelly Café).

Meal Plan Options (2017-2018 Academic Year)

Canada Room Serving Area
Canada Room Serving Area

SMC offers continuous dining with two meal plan options:

  1. 7 day plan – Monday to Sunday + $200 Flex Dollars
    * offers the best value and flexibility
  2. 5 day plan – Monday breakfast to Friday dinner + $200 Flex Dollars

On-The-Go Options

Kelly Café (located in the Kelly Library) serves gourmet artisan sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, hot breakfast sandwiches, specialty beverages, in house gourmet desserts, parfaits, pastries, and much more!

Meal Plan FAQ’s

How many meals are provided?

All of our meal plans are all-you-care-to-eat. You can enter our dining hall (the Canada Room) as many times as you wish when your meal plan is active and eat as much as you want.

What if I can’t make it to a meal because I have class?

If you are missing a meal due to a class conflict, please request a bagged lunch from the cashier in the Canada Room.

What if I am a vegetarian, vegan, or require a special diet?

We are pleased to offer both vegetarian and Halal meal options. If you follow a special diet or have specific allergies, please be sure to inform the residence office prior to finalizing your residence application.

What if I want to switch my meal plan?

Students have until September 30th, 2017 to change their meal plan and flag any food allergies or dietary concerns by the Residence Office. Up until this date, you can upgrade or downgrade your meal plan at no additional charge.

After September 30th, only meal plan upgrades will be permitted and meal plan fees are not pro-rated. You must make your request in writing to:

Please include your full name, student number and the details of the change you would like to make.

Can I opt out of the meal plan?

The meal plan is mandatory for all residents with no exceptions – you cannot opt out. The Residence Office will make every effort to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions, however this is not always possible. Please be sure to discuss any dietary restrictions or allergies with the Residence Office prior to finalizing your application for residence.

Is it possible to get a refund for missed meals?

No refunds will be issued for missed meals or unused Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars cannot be used after move-out and do not carry-over to the next academic year in residence.