Why Does Philanthropy Matter at SMC?

Students at the University of St. Michael’s College are learning to tackle real world challenges. Whether it is in the classroom, in a campus club or student life group, or through volunteer or work experience, the skills students build today will prepare them to make a meaningful impact in their communities locally, domestically and internationally. Investing in students at SMC means investing in tomorrows leaders.

Building Better Education

What kinds of doors open for students when we remove financial barriers to education through Scholarships and Bursaries?


Leadership Opportunities

Students have time to invest in volunteerism that will help give back to their communities and develop skills that have real world applications.

Job Opportunities and Internships

Students can focus on experience rather than financial needs, emphasizing jobs that will help build networks, develop their resume and build skills while they study.

Rich Student Life at SMC

Students who receive scholarships can focus on their studies and fully invest themselves in student life at SMC.

Study Abroad Programs

Financial aid makes our Study Abroad Programs more accessible to everyone and helps our students gain international experience that employers are looking for.

Building Better Communities

How is the SMC community making the world a better place?

18048818-globe-in-women-s-hands-planet-earth Leadership

Students today are leaders tomorrow. They become the teachers, politicians, volunteers,consumers, scientists, artists, musicians, CEOs and managers of the future.


Research innovates the world that we live in through health initiatives, environmental studies, cultural, humanitarian, and global education, as well as awareness and engagement.

Global Citizenship

SMC students learn to be informed consumers, critical thinkers and leaders in social justice movements.

Building Better Economies, Commerce and Quality of Life

How does SMC and the University of Toronto improve quality of life in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and more?


SMC and U of T create job opportunities in the GTA, helps attract the best and brightest from around the globe and highlights the Toronto community locally, domestically and internationally.


University initiatives create opportunities for business ventures, collaboration between corporations and students, and develop experts on our governments and policies.

Quality of Life

A population that is educated spurs many benefits: reduced crime, higher income, and better health and wellness awareness. Investing in education is an investment in the future prosperity of  our communities.

University of St. Michael’s College graduates become game changers and world shakers. If we want to make the world a better place, education is the first step towards building better.