St Michael’s College Student Improvement Fund


In the spring of 2000, the St. Michael’s College Student Union (SMCSU) endorsed a proposal for a ‘Student Improvement Levy’ that all St Mike’s students would support through an ancillary fee. The purpose of the levy is to fund projects that will enhance and improve the overall student experience at St. Michaels’ College. The levy is intended to pay for tangible items and infrastructure that will benefit students for years to come, rather than experiences that would only be available to a limited number at a particular time.

The Student Improvement Fund Committee is comprised of an equal number of students and administrators and is chaired by the Dean of Students.  The Committee is responsible for approving projects, ensuring that submissions comply with levy guidelines, and liaising with USMC’s Physical Plant to help execute projects.  All St. Mike’s students contribute $15 per semester to the Student Improvement Fund.

Members of the St. Michael’s College community are encouraged to submit their suggestions for improvements through the online application below.  The Committee will discuss the merits of all proposals at their regular meetings and those whose ideas are approved will be notified.


Online Student Improvement Fund Application Form