Residence Life: Room and Roommate Assignments

Residence Life: Room and Roommate Assignments

Residence Life: Room and Roommate Assignments


Room Assignments:

  • Double rooms are automatically assigned to all freshman students.
  • Single rooms are automatically assigned to all upper year students.

If space permits after all upper year students have been readmitted, a small number of first year students may be eligible for a single rooms. They are assigned using the following priorities:

  1. Students with an accessibility need/medical condition that would make sharing a room an undue hardship. Residents must have the need or medical condition verified by U of T’s Accessibility Services and then make a written petition to the Residence Office.
  2. Transfer students who have already completed a year of study at another university.
  3. National Scholars who are officially recognized by the University of Toronto for this distinction (see the U of T Admissions and Awards Website for more information).
  4. Varsity Athletes

Please note that there is a premium charge for single rooms that students must be willing to pay in order to be considered.


Roommate Assignments:

Roommate matching takes place in August after students have paid their second deposit to confirm they are coming. SMC Residence allows incoming first year students to select their own roommates online. Once the roommate matching portal is open in mid-August, incoming residents will be sent a list of potential roommate matches with similar profiles who have also indicated the same building preference(s). You will be able to communicate with these students online until you find a suitable match.

Be honest! The personal profile is strictly confidential and honest answers help to ensure your compatibility with your new roommate.

If you already know someone you would like as a roommate, please indicate this on your application. As long as the person you identified agrees, the request will be granted.