Learning Strategist at SMC

How to book an appointment

You may book a one-on-one 45-minute appointment with Liam online.

What Learning Strategists Help With

Liam O’Leary is the Learning Strategist at St. Mike’s.

Andrea Graham, Learning Strategist at St. Mike's
Liam O’Leary, Learning Strategist at St. Mike’s

Liam and other learning strategists help students–one-on-one and in group workshops–with all aspects of academic performance including time management, stress management, study strategies, writing, procrastination, critical reading and critical thinking.  They can help you discover your best ways of learning, adapt to university work and expectations, increase your efficiency, identify and pursue your goals, improve your work, and get the most out of your academic learning experience.

Who can use this service

Arts and Science students who are enrolled in SMC courses and all students who are registered at St. Michael’s College.