FAQs for Newly Admitted Students


These FAQs are intended to offer advice which is generally applicable. Students should always consult the relevant official U of T sites for complete information.

When do I have to accept the offer of admission?

Accept your offer of admission by the deadline stated in your Letter of Offer. If you have already accepted another university’s offer and would like to change your mind, you may accept U of T’s offer and the previous acceptance will automatically be cancelled. You do this on-line through OUAC.

How do I know if I have received an admission scholarship?

Scholarship offers are included with the offer of admission. There are some scholarships for new USMC students awarded at a later date. These scholarships require an application. For details see stmikes.utoronto.ca/students/scholarships/

For residence information

For all information about the residences at the University of St. Michael’s College including late application, please contact:

USMC Residence (men and women)

Loretto College (women only)

For off-campus housing questions, please check www.housing.utoronto.ca/

What if I want to defer my offer of admission?

It is possible under certain circumstances to defer your offer of admission for one year. See information at www.adm.utoronto.ca/adm-awards/html/nextsteps/nextsteps105/105_deferral_request.htm

Can I switch to USMC from another college on admission?

New students interested in transferring to USMC from another Arts and Science college should submit their request by e-mail to Damon Chevrier, Registrar at damon.chevrier@utoronto.ca The deadline is the end of June. Please include a brief statement with your full name, your student number, describe the benefit you hope to derive from membership in the college and what contributions you feel you could make to the USMC community.

Before requesting a college transfer, please keep these points in mind. We may not be able to guarantee you a spot in one of the USMC residences. If you have a housing guarantee you might be offered a residence which is not at USMC. If you have been given an admission scholarship by your original college, you may forfeit it if you transfer colleges. Contact your original college for details. We will make most decisions in early July and notify students by e-mail.

Can I switch to another college from USMC on admission?

Please contact the college you are interested in for advice. USMC does not offer assistance in transferring to other Arts and Science colleges.

Can I switch admission categories? (e.g. from Humanities to Life Science)

It is not possible to switch admissions categories after you have been admitted. (For instance you can’t switch from social science to life science or from humanities to computer science.) However, most of the time this is not a significant issue and will not limit what you study. There are six admission categories.

The fact that you are admitted to one does not mean that you can’t take courses or programs in the others with one important exception.

If you were not admitted as a commerce student there is very little possibility of being admitted to a commerce program even if you take the correct 100 level courses and have the required grades.

Last year, across all seven colleges, about 10 non Commerce students were admitted to commerce. The chances are so slight that it can’t be seen as a likely outcome.

Am I eligible for transfer credit for courses completed in high school?

If you have taken any of the following you may be eligible for transfer credit – Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, GCE (U.K or Singapore), CAPE, Cambridge Pre-U or Hong Kong Advanced levels See details at www.adm.utoronto.ca/adm-awards/admissions/info/p1.action?domain=ADM&page=TC_MAIN

What about transfer credit for courses completed in another division of the U of T or at a post secondary institution?

If you are eligible for transfer credit, you will be prompted in your offer of admission to complete the on-line transfer credit application. See details at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/tc/onadmission Make sure to pay the fee and initiate the assessment process as soon as possible. It is useful to know the assessment before course selection begins although this is not always possible. If transfer credits are not resolved by the end of the first year, then further registration will be blocked.

How and when do I choose my courses?

Course selection takes place on-line at ACORN www.rosi.utoronto.ca/ The first day of course selection will depend on your year of study (first year, second year, third year etc) For 2016-2017 details see www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/timetable/1415_fw/step-4

Prerequisites for 100 level courses

Many 100 level courses don’t have prerequisites but the standard introductory courses in BIO, CHM, MAT and PHY assume that you have a solid Grade 12 background in the subject. Check the prerequisites carefully. If you don’t have the prerequisites you should not enroll in these courses.

Can I take a 200 level course in first year?

You may take a 200 level course in first year as long as it has no prerequisite or if you have the prerequisite as a transfer credit. However, you have to keep in mind that many second year courses give priority to second and higher year students in particular programs and you may have to wait until August 7 before trying to enroll. Check the enrollment control for each course which you want to take.

Fees and Payment Information

Fall/winter fees are posted automatically on ACORN / ROSI for all students eligible to select courses for the upcoming fall/winter. They are usually posted before course selection actually begins. For full details about fees and fees payment or deferral, refer to www.fees.utoronto.ca/Page13.aspx

Students deferring their fees ought to meet the same deadline. Students who have not paid or deferred their fees by August 25 will receive a series of e-mail prompts including instructions about how to complete a late payment/deferral.

Choosing a program (i.e. selecting a major)

Students admitted into first year are not in a program. The only newly admitted students who could be in a program are transfer students admitted into second or third year. You will enroll in one or more programs (minors, majors, specialists) at the end of the semester in which you pass your fourth full credit. For most new students who pass 4 or 5 courses in first year, this means that you will choose your programs in April at the end of your first year.

For a comprehensive list of all programs see  www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/subject-post-enrolment/codes-contacts

Type 1 programs are open enrolment, Type 2 and 3 programs require application. If a program requires application it means that there is some course (or more than one course) which you have to take in first year.

What if I enroll in U of T and then drop all my courses and want to come back the next year?

If a student drops all courses or completes courses with only the notation (LWD) the student must re-apply for admission. Re-admission is not guaranteed since the admission cut offs vary from year to year. If a student completes even one half course in the Faculty with any grade – including a failing grade, they are eligible to continue in the Faculty without re-applying.

I can’t enroll in courses at all. Why not?

You may be trying to select courses before your start time.

Start times are determined by your year of study. Year of study is determined by the number of credits you have and not by the number of years you have actually been in attendance. See details at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/timetable/1415_fw/step-4

If you are a second year student, you may not be in a correct combination of programs (POSts) See details at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/timetable/1415_fw/step-2At the end of first year every student must enroll in 1 specialist or 2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors. This means that the program must be “active”. It is not enough to be “requested” or “invited”. Check your programs on ROSI.

If you owe money to the university, you may be blocked from choosing courses. University policy is that fall/winter tuition and residence charges must be paid in full by the end of April and summer charges must be paid in full by the end of August. Students with significant unpaid obligations are blocked from selecting courses until all financial obligations are paid in full. Check your financial account on ROSI.

If you have been away from the university for a year, your file may be in-active. If you have been out of the university for a full 12 months (May- April or September-August) your file becomes in-active and you can’t select courses. In order to re-activate your file you need to submit to the USMC Registrar’s Office a Re-Registration form and pay a $24 fee. See details and the form at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/forms-services/

Bring the form to our office and pay the $24 in cash or by debit/credit card If you can’t come in to the office, you can send us a scanned copy of the form and pay by credit card.

You may have outstanding transfer credit issues. If a transfer student does not take care of all outstanding transfer credit matters during their first year, the Transfer Credit Office will block access to courses selection. 6. You may have been suspended for poor academic performance. Suspension can be for 1 year, 3 years or permanent. Check your status on ROSI

 I need a form completed for my RESP or Education Savings Plan

Submit your request to the Office of the Registrar in Alumni Hall. We handle hundreds of these forms a year but we don’t produce them until after you have selected your courses. If your plan requires that you move from one year to the next (ie from first year into second year), then we use the Faculty of Arts and Science definition of year.

See the definition at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/course/timetable/1415_fw/step-4 Occasionally a student may be in their second year at the university but will still be considered a first year student because they did not complete enough credits in first year.

I need a letter confirming that I am a full time student so that I can be covered under my parent’s extended health insurance plan.

Submit your request to the Office of the Registrar in  Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street.

If I have extended health/dental/drug coverage through my parents can I get a refund on the university health plan premiums?

Very often – yes. See details at www.fees.utoronto.ca/news/student_society_fee_rebates.htm If you are a full time student, look at UTSU – St. George Campus. The two health premiums are about $130 a term or $260 for both terms. You have to complete the opt-out form on line by the deadline in early October. The refund cheque is issued by UTSU (not by the University of Toronto) and is usually mailed in February.

I was admitted for the fall session but would like to take a course in the summer?

This is possible only if all your final grades from Grade 12 (or equivalent) or your final post secondary grades have been submitted and you have satisfied all the conditions of your admission. Contact the Registrar, Damon Chevrier, at  damon.chevrier@utoronto.ca if you wish to explore this possibility.

What is the importance of checking e-mail on a regular basis

The Faculty of Arts and Science and USMC both send e-mail on a regular basis. Some students check all of it and some ignore all of it. Ignoring e-mail from the university is a bad idea. It is like not opening your mail box or answering your phone. Maybe you think much of the mail is uninteresting but every now and then there may be something of real consequence. We expect you to open e-mails and read them at least twice a week if not on a daily basis.

What is a T-Card? How do I get one?

The T-Card is your U of T student card You will use it as a library card, athletic facilities membership card and general identification. Students who have accepted their offer of admission should check the T-Card site at http://tcard.utoronto.ca/ for hours of operation and location. New admitted students will be able to obtain their T-Card as early as June. Everyone should have their T-Card by mid September