The University of St. Michael’s College Committee for Honorary Degrees

The University of St. Michael’s College Committee for Honorary Degrees

The University of St. Michael’s College Committee for Honorary Degrees

Nomination Process and Form

The University of St. Michael’s College seeks to recognize extraordinary achievement and to honour individuals whose accomplishments provide inspiration and leadership to the students and graduates of a Catholic University.

The Committee for Honorary Degrees welcomes nominations of individuals for admission either to Honorary Fellowship or to an Honorary Degree. Nominees must have a demonstrated commitment to values consistent with the mission of the University of St. Michael’s College.

Factors that will be considered by the Committee include the following:

  • accomplishment at a high standard of excellence
  • service to the University of Michael’s College, the University of Toronto or to the greater community
  • promotion of social justice
  • service to the Church
  • ecumenical or cross-cultural influence
  • service to or influence on a discipline or profession
  • service to or excellence in the arts

The Committee will take note of other honours received and whether a special anniversary is involved.

Nomination forms should be submitted to the Office of the President for consideration by the Committee for Honorary Degrees. The form can be completed online, submitted via email at or printed and delivered to the Office of the President. Please submit your nomination December 31, 2018 for consideration at the spring meeting of the Honorary Degrees Committee.

Please ensure that the nomination form is completed in full and that all relevant information is attached. The nominator must provide sufficient information for the Committee to consider the request.

In addition, please provide a 250-word summary of the significant details of the nominee’s background and accomplishments that would justify his/her being awarded an honorary degree or being admitted into honorary fellowship by the University of St. Michael’s College. This paragraph would serve as the public citation for the nominee should she/he be selected.

Finally, please provide a current curriculum vitae/resume for the nominee


Provide comparable biographical information including:

  • Year of birth (if known)
  • Education (institutions, degrees, years received)
  • Employment/Professional Activities (includes service in professional organizations)
  • Publications or other notable accomplishments
  • Community Service Activities
  • Awards and Honours
  • Other Relevant Information