Young Alumni Bylaws



  1. Title


There shall be a subcommittee of the University of St. Michael’s College Alumni Association Board known as “The University of St. Michael’s College Young Alumni Committee”  (“the Young Alumni Committee”).


  1. Core Purpose


Create connections between young alumni and USMC that build on its spirit and traditions and assist with the following:


  1. Encourage and foster relationships among recent graduates.
  2. Propose and help organize new and existing Young Alumni events, initiatives and causes with full assistance and support from the USMC Alumni Association Board and students.
  • Connect Young Alumni with peer-to-peer mentoring and networking opportunities.
  1. Provide new volunteer opportunities for Young Alumni.
  2. Engage with the undergraduate students of St. Michael’s College.
  3. Build important relationships with St. Michael’s College Faculty to help with Young Alumni initiatives and causes.


III.       Membership

i)                    Any young person who is considered to be an alumnus of St. Michael’s College as defined by the college. The committee was developed to encourage the participation of young alumni who have graduated within the past FIFTEEN years from USMC.

  1. ii) Individuals may be invited to participate by special invitation if they are considered a friend of the USMC.


  1. Specifics of the Committee


  1. i) The Young Alumni Committee shall consist of not less than THREE active members.
  2. A term on the Young Alumni Committee is TWO years and cannot serve on the committee for more than THREE consecutive terms.
  • A chair is appointed by a majority vote by the committee members. Either the USMC Alumni Association Board President or a representative from the USMC Alumni Association Board will oversee and approve the appointment of the Chair at the first committee meeting of each term.
  1. The chair of the Young Alumni Committee serves as an ex-officio member of the USMC Alumni Association Board, unless that person is previously a member of the Alumni Board or appointed one during their tenure.
  2. A chair’s term is ONE year and he or she can serve no more than TWO consecutive terms as chair.
  3. A prospective applicant must submit an application form and resume/CV to be considered for the committee.
  • Applicants are appointed to the committee through a special vote by the USMC Alumni Association Board the first slate of candidates will be suggested by Board future candidates can be brought forward by the Committee
  • The Young Alumni Committee shall, on a biennial basis, be responsible for recommending a slate of candidates for the USMC Alumni Association Board.
  1. If a vacancy on the committee occurs, the Young Alumni Association may nominate a replacement to a regular meeting of the Committee, which shall vote upon that candidacy or any other nominations duly presented at the meeting. The candidate must then have their membership ratified by the USMC Alumni Association Board and then hold office for the remainder of the term for which his/her immediate predecessor was appointed to hold.



The Young Alumni Committee is subject to ALL rules and procedures in accordance with the University of St. Michael’s College Alumni Association Constitution and By-Laws.