COVID-19 Screening Tool

Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Now in Place

In compliance with the Ontario Government’s “Stage 3” Regulation, and on the recommendation of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario, the University of St. Michael’s College along with other employers in Ontario is required to conduct employee screening for COVID-19 whenever employees come to work. All employees, contractors, and volunteers coming to St. Michael’s to perform work are required to complete a COVID-19 screening process each time they arrive on campus. 

Screening Form:

  • NB: Symptoms should not be chronic or related to other known causes or conditions. Choose any/all that are new, worsening, and not related to other known causes or medical conditions.
  • If you are exempted from federal quarantine requirements (for example, you are fully vaccinated and have met the specific conditions, or an essential worker who crosses the Canada-US border regularly for work), select “No”.

Results of Screening Questions:

• If you answer NO to all questions from 1 through 5, you can enter the workplace.

• If you are experiencing any symptoms or answer YES to any questions from 2 through 5, be advised that you should not enter the workplace (including any outdoor, or partially outdoor, workplaces). You should go home to self-isolate immediately and contact your health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1 866-797-0000) to find out if you need a COVID-19 test. St. Michael’s employees should also notify the Bursar and their unit head.

• If any of the answers to these screening questions change during the day, this screening result is no longer valid, and the worker will need to screen again.

The completion of this Screening Form is mandatory as a condition of entry into University of St. Michael’s College premises.  The data collected will be stored securely and will only be shared as necessary for the strict purpose of support for contact tracing should there be a risk to the University and its community members due to a positive case of Covid-19.