Your experience at St. Michael’s and at the University of Toronto expands far beyond the lecture hall, and includes opportunities to experience the vibrancy of the community available to you. Here at St. Michael’s we are committed to offering intentional programs and activities which engage students at every interval. Whether your engagement comes through participating in residence programming, joining a club, or running for student government, this community has something for you.

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Finding Community on Campus

The University of Toronto is the largest higher education institution in Canada, and therefore it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. However, at St. Mike’s we work to create diverse and intentional communities of students, who are supported by the college and our staff.

Get Involved on campus with one of our many student clubs, ranging from academic program focused, to sports, to wellness, to boardgames! You can also get involved with the St. Michael’s College Student Union, our student government, whose mandate is to enrich student experience here at St. Mike’s!

Check out our Campus Ministry program for opportunities to discuss topics of faith, religion, belief, and community. Our Campus Ministry seeks to support students across faith traditions as they journey throughout their studies here at St. Mike’s.

Join our intentional peer to peer Mentorship program as a first-year student to be paired with an upper year student in your program, who will help offer guidance, resources, and personal support as you transition into university life! If you are an upper year student, consider applying to become a mentor, and be paired with 5 first year students who you can accompany through this transition.

Finally, get involved on campus as a residence student by connecting with your Residence Don, or as a commuter student by connecting with your Commuter Dons, who will help to create fun and engaging programming that is accessible and will introduce you to the wonderful opportunities here on campus.

For more information about other ways to get involved, please email our Assistant Dean Campus Life at, or drop by her office in Brennan Hall 167.