Your experience at St. Michael’s and at the University of Toronto expands far beyond the lecture hall, and includes opportunities to experience our vibrant community. Here at St. Michael’s we are committed to offering programs and activities which engage students and aid them in developing personally and professionally. Whether your engagement comes through participating in residence programming, joining a club, or running for student government, this community has something for you.

Campus Life

Finding community on campus can seem like a daunting task, especially since UofT has over 90,000 students each year studying together. However, here at St. Mike’s through Campus Life, we know there is a home for you, whether you find your group through sports, arts, social issues, student government, movies, music, or something else!

Residence Life

Located on the east side of the University of Toronto’s downtown campus and spanning almost 10 acres, the St. Michael’s College grounds provide a charming neighbourhood to the 525 students who live in our dorms each year. Our residence community consists of both first-year and upper-year students, most of whom are enrolled at SMC in the Faculty of Arts & Science; however, we house some students from the professional faculties who apply to be part of our community as well.

Spiritual Life

Campus Ministry at St. Michael’s supports the students, staff, and faculty in their individual and collective spiritual growth and well-being. While offering some distinctively Catholic programming, Campus Ministry at St. Mike’s welcomes and supports people from all religious traditions, and provides multi-faith opportunities for spiritual growth through prayer, fellowship, intellectual pursuits, and community service.