Spiritual Life: Campus Ministry

Spiritual Life: Campus Ministry

At the University of St. Michael’s College, faith, religion, and spirituality are valued and engaged not only in the classroom, but across many aspects of the life of St. Michael’s community. Embracing these human realities and reflecting on their meaning is at the core of the Catholic Intellectual tradition, of which St. Michael’s is a part.

St. Michael’s comprehensive Campus Ministry plays a pivotal role in helping students, faculty, and staff to integrate faith, religion, and spirituality into their lives and the life of the community. It is central to the mission of St. Michael’s as a Catholic University, and the renewal of the Campus Ministry program is a key element in the St. Mike’s 180 strategic plan. 

Campus Ministry at St. Michael’s supports the students, staff, and faculty in their individual and collective spiritual growth and well-being. While offering some distinctively Catholic programming, Campus Ministry at St. Mike’s welcomes and supports people from all religious traditions, and provides multi-faith opportunities for spiritual growth through prayer, fellowship, intellectual pursuits, and community service. 

To get involved or for more information contact Sonal Castelino, xmcj, the Director of Campus Ministry.

A group of students outside St. Basil's Church

Campus Ministry Revitalization Survey

In December of 2020, the Advisory Committee distributed a survey to almost 5,500 members of the St. Michael’s Community—students, faculty, and staff—to give community members from diverse cultural backgrounds and religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions an opportunity to share information about themselves and their vision of what Campus Ministry at St. Michael’s could be. A report on the survey results is being developed by the Advisory Committee.  

Campus Ministry Advisory Committee 

  • Jean-Pierre Fortin, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, University of St. Michael’s College Faculty of Theology 
  • Ann Mathew, Intern, U of T Multi-Faith Centre 
  • Fr. Morgan Rice, CSB; Pastor, St. Basil’s Parish 
  • Greg Rupik, Executive Assistant to the President, University of St. Michael’s College
  • Emily VanBerkum, Dean, Loretto College 


June 2020: Formation of the Campus Ministry Advisory Committee

July–August: Comprehensive Campus Ministry research, formulation of mission statement in light of St. Mike’s 180

September–November: Creation of Campus Ministry Revitalization Survey, with consultation from UofT’s Multi-Faith Centre and Assessment Services

December: Distribution of Campus Ministry Revitalization Survey

January 2021: Assessment of Survey Results

February–March: Production of Report to President Sylvester with recommendations for USMC’s comprehensive campus ministry.

Image depicts flowers from the lentent retreat