Residence Buildings

SMC Residence has five different building types, which we refer to as “constituencies”:

Elmsley Hall (Built 1955)

The vast majority of rooms in Elmsley are double occupancy, which makes it an ideal dorm for first-year students. The first and second floors are all-male while the third and fourth are reserved for females. Elmsley double rooms measure 17.5′ x 10′ in size and have large closets with lots of storage space. Elmsley is also home to our 24-hour Porter’s Desk, various administrative offices, the campus mailroom, and laundry facilities.

Photo of double room in Elmsley Hall, taken from entrance of room

Over the summer of 2020, the Elmsley Hall rooms were renovated with updated flooring, dressers, wardrobes, beds and desks!

Photo of double room in Elmsley Hall, specifically twin bed and dresser

The dressers are strategically placed to allow for privacy and separate living space between the two beds.

Photo of double room in Elmsley Hall; wardrobe and desk

Each student has their own desk to study at, with a built-in light fixture, as well as their own closet space.

Rendering of Elmsley Room (prior to 2020)

Queen’s Park Buildings (Built 1936): More, Fisher & Teefy Houses

The Queen’s Park Buildings were modeled after the architecture of Oxford and Cambridge, creating a picturesque border for the west side of our quad. More House (for men) and Fisher House (for women) are mirror images of each other, while Teefy is a small female house located above two floors of classrooms.   The majority of the rooms in Queen’s Park are doubles, which makes it a popular building for first-year students. During the academic term, residents are permitted to use the Teefy classrooms as an overnight study area.

A typical double room in Fisher and More House.

Historic Houses (Built circa 1900)

The Victorian homes on Elmsley Place were part of Toronto’s first subdivision, but were eventually acquired by St. Mike’s as the College expanded westward. McCorkell and Sullivan (House 2 and House 96, respectively) are co-gendered buildings, while Gilson and Maritain (Houses 6 and 8) are all-male. In total, the Historic House constituency provides accommodation to roughly 70 students. The Houses are a mix of single and double rooms, so the buildings accommodate both first-year and upper-year students. All the Historic Houses have air conditioning so students in these buildings pay a small premium.

Sorbara Hall (Built 2001)

Sorbara is our newest residence building and was designed to complement the architecture of St. Basil’s, our Collegiate Church. The building is mainly composed of single rooms so it is home to the majority of our upper-year students. However, a limited number of double rooms (mainly on the lower level) are reserved for first-year students. The first three floors are all-male while the top two are all-female. Sorbara Hall is air conditioned and every room has its own sink so students in this building pay a slight premium. Sorbara also has a music room, a modest cardio room and laundry facilities. Most dorm rooms measure 11′ x 14′.

Sorbara Hall - single room; bed and sink

Pictured above and below is a decorated Sorbara Hall room to give prospective students a visual of the space. Each room has a desk, sink, built-in closet, and twin bed.

Sorbara Hall - single room; desk and bed
A typical double room in Sorbara Hall.

A typical single room in Sorbara Hall.

Brennan Hall (Built 1936)

Situated one floor above the Dining Hall, this secluded residence accommodates just twelve students, making it an ideal home for academically motivated upper-year students. The females in UB all have an ensuite bathroom while the male students share a common washroom on the floor.