AMPlify St. Mike’s

AMPlify St. Mike’s

Launching in 2023, AMPlify is an opportunity for upper-year students and recent graduates to connect, network, and build relationships with alumni that are in their professional areas of interest.

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Alumni Mentorship Program

Inspired by our shared vision, the Young Alumni Committee, the Office of Advancement and Campus Life came together to develop a mentorship program that would bridge the gap between undergraduate education and the professional world. By leveraging the expansive network of successful SMC alumni, we believe we can provide invaluable guidance, insights, and connections for current students and recent graduates seeking direction in their career paths.

Why Join

AMPlify ST. Mike’s

  • Meaningful connections with undergraduate students
    looking to take their first step into the professional world
  • Connecting and learning from fellow alumnus’ experiences
  • (Re)Connecting with the SMC Community
  • Receive guidance on your academic or professional journey
  • Tap into a support resource to learn about new opportunities to enrich your experience at UofT
  • Build a network of advisors and advocates

If you want to get more connected with St. Mike’s, learn more about the role of Mentor or Mentee below:

Alumni Mentors

We hope to bring a vast network of professionals and successful alumni directly to mentees! This is why instead of a traditional 1:1 mentorship pairing, we are building a Mentor Directory who are interested in facilitating micro-connections. Think of this as coffee chats: short informal meetings that can be built upon to meet the needs of the student–mentor pairing. Mentors and mentees will also have opportunities to connect during in-person networking nights.

Student and Recent Graduate Mentees

Gain access to a directory of alumni mentors, inviting you to connect with them! These connections can look like; an email, a phone call, a zoom call, or a coffee chat. Unlike a cold call, these alumni mentors are excited about connecting with mentees and are happy to discuss their professional pathways. Mentees will also be invited to attend a few networking events offered each semester to continue to meet more alumni and build connections.

Ways to Connect

Within the program, there are three methods to connect with mentors/mentees!

SMC Alumni Directory, accessible to registered program mentees, showcases Mentors professional information, similar to a LinkedIn profile.

Coffee Chats

From the Alumni Directory, mentees will reach out through email to set up a phone call, a Zoom call, or a coffee chat. At this point, how the connection progresses is up to you!

In-Person Socials

Socials, such as networking nights, are bi-semester events! Socials serve as an introduction to the program and provide an opportunity for networking and relationship-building.

Student Testimonials

Have questions? Look no further than our FAQ below!

AMPlify St. Mike’s FAQ

Looking to be involved in the program as a Mentee?

  • Complete this registration form
  • Attend a 1-hour virtual training session to complete mentee registration

Looking to register as a Mentor?

Registration is open from June to August 1st. After that, mentors are asked to register for the waitlist.

    Only students and recent graduates are able to see the information shared on the Mentor Directory. All mentors and Mentees will be provided with a passcode to enter the site that is changed yearly.

    If you have any concerns over sharing your information, please email

    Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to sign up for the role for the academic year, September to April, with the opportunity to be as involved as they want. Each spring, mentors and mentees will be contacted to reflect on their program, provide feedback and consider future involvement.