Homewood Health Inc. to administer requests for COVID Medical Exemptions

The University of St. Michael’s College has partnered with Homewood Health Inc. to administer the Review of Requests for Medical Exemption Related to COVID-19 Vaccination. This external service will provide faculty, staff and students with more professional customer service, support from medical experts and will ensure employee privacy is maintained. All USMC faculty, staff and students (not affiliated with UofT) may request an exemption if immunization may not be possible for medical reasons. 

HR/Managers/Directors will not be provided with any medical details and will only receive a copy of the final recommendation that is sent to the employee. Please note that approval is not guaranteed. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Be sure that the form is complete prior to submission. An overview of the process is available in the guidelines. If you have any questions about this new process, please email hr.stmikes@utoronto.ca.