Sisters of St. Joseph Book Launch


Join us for the book launch of 170 Years of Service: A Collection of Essays on the History and Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. This event is part of the Congregation’s 170th anniversary celebration, 1851-2021, and is featured as part of the “Celebrating Sisters in Higher Education” Zoom Seminar Series at the […]

USMC Student Research Colloquium 2022

University of St. Michael's College 81 St. Mary St., Toronto, Ontario

Please join us March 26, 2022 for the USMC Student Research Colloquium 2022, titled "Knowledge, Belief, Wisdom: What's Universal About the University?" The modern Western university system has its origins in the Middle Ages, where theology reigned as "Queen of the Sciences," guiding the other disciplines but also allowing each discipline to find its place […]