Privacy Statement

Our commitment

The University of St. Michael’s College is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. More specifically, the University is committed to:

  • Protecting privacy by designating a responsible individual and by assigning internal responsibly to promote privacy protection
  • Developing, maintaining and enforcing practices that are necessary to protect privacy and by providing information about such practices on request
  • Collecting, using and disclosing personal information only as reasonable for a proper purpose (i.e. minimizing the amount of personal information we collect)
  • Making a reasonable effort to ensure that personal information collected by or on our behalf is accurate and complete
  • Making reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal or similar risks to personal information under our control
  • Retaining personal information as required by law and as otherwise in accordance with designated retention period
  • Maintaining a process for receiving and responding to complaints and other feedback on privacy issues

Our purpose for handling personal information

We collect, use and disclose information about individuals’ information for the following primary purposes:

  • to communicate with individuals (including recruiting, promoting and fundraising)
  • to enrol individuals in programs of study
  • to deliver academic and administrative services to individuals
  • to process orders for our products and services
  • to provide you with other customer support and communication

When we invite you to provide us with personal information through this website we will ordinarily explain our purpose for collecting your personal information. Then, if you provide us with your personal information we will only use and disclose it for our stated purpose and any reasonably consistent purpose.

Application of FIPPA

Please be advised that the University of St. Michael’s College is not subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and does not receive and process freedom of information requests.

Contact information

For more information or to register a complaint about our privacy practices, please contact our privacy officer here.