Four views of the St. Michael's and Regis campuses

A New Vision for Catholic Theological Education

Fratelli tutti, the latest encyclical from Pope Francis, is inspiring discussions between the University of St. Michael’s College and Regis College on how an alliance between the two schools could offer enhanced theological education in service to students, the Church, and the world.

In Fall 2020, representatives of the Governing Council of Regis College, and the Collegium of the University of St. Michael’s College, met to explore a mutual desire to renew long-standing discussions regarding a closer institutional relationship between the two Catholic institutions. The meetings led to the establishment of a Steering Committee to oversee, on behalf of the two governing bodies, the formulation of an alliance between Regis and St. Michael’s.

The work of the Regis-USMC Steering Committee, its sub-committees, and the deliberations of the respective governing bodies, will be guided by the following shared principles.


  • The commitment to forge a world-class centre of excellence in Catholic theological study whose mission is to promote teaching, research, and formation to serve the needs of the Church and society, here in Canada and globally;
  • The commitment to consult all stakeholders (including the administration, the faculty, staff, students and alumni/ae, of each institution, as well as the sponsoring religious orders/ congregations). The continuation and cultivation of a cordial relationship with the Archdiocese, while keeping the Cardinal informed of plans and on-going developments;
  • The commitment to orient governance of Regis and St. Michael’s to a deepening union for the sake of enhancement of their mission.

In a time of crisis for the Church, the University of St. Michael’s College and Regis College recognize the importance of developing new approaches to theological education that will prepare pastoral leaders for ministry in this turbulent social and cultural context. The Regis-USMC federation will create an entity greater than the sum of its parts, well positioned to effect change. Our new approach to the theological education of pastoral leaders calls for a thorough examination of our existing curriculum to create opportunities for learning from people on the margins, while eliminating potential biases that can adversely affect attitudes and beliefs among pastoral leaders. In short, Regis and St. Michael’s are looking to create new ways of serving our neighbours while living the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching.

Latest Updates

About Regis College

Regis College is the Jesuit Faculty of Theology at the University of Toronto and one of North America’s Roman Catholic ecclesiastical faculties.

About the University of St. Michael’s College

The University of St. Michael’s College is a Catholic institution of higher learning that is federated with the University of Toronto, one of the world’s leading research universities. 

About the Alliance

A hallway at Regis College with a fireplace and crucifix hanging over the fireplace mantle

Governance and Timeline

On September 25, 2020, representatives from Regis College and the University of St. Michael’s met for a preliminary conversation about a closer relationship.

The south facade of Brennan Hall

Subcommittees and Mandates

The Steering Committee established five sub-committees to explore the potential forms of a Regis & St. Michael’s future alliance.


For inquiries related to the alliance, please email: