St. Mike’s 180: Context and Process

The University of St. Michael’s College launched an institutional visioning process in the summer of 2019 to explore how we can build on our historical and current strengths to enable this community to flourish in the years ahead. We consulted with St. Michael’s students, faculty, staff, collegium members, alumni, and community partners through a variety of means.

Who We Heard From

Image depicts following information: Heading 1: 100 one-to-one conversations Body 1: Alumni and friends engaged in 2019 and early 2020 
Heading 2: 100+ participants in 6 engagement sessions
Body 2: 
- students
- faculty, staff & administrators
- alumni
- collegium members
-community partners
Image depicts following information:
heading 1: 200+ alumni reached at 4 receptions
body 1: 
- New York 
- Alumni Reunion
- BMO Donor Reception
Heading 2: 34,000+ survey distribution
Body 2: 
- 5000+ students
168 faculty, staff and fellows
174 donors
29,000+ alumni via St. Michael's Magazine

What We Heard

Image depicts a female St. Michael's student in the Dodig Family Coop

Students Describe St. Mike’s in One Word

Advisory Group Members

The membership of the St. Mike’s 180 Advisory Group purposefully reflects a diversity of perspectives within the St. Michael’s community. During this visioning process, members of the Advisory Group have listened carefully to one another and to the wider St. Mike’s community, and continue to weave these distinct voices into a vibrant and unified vision for St. Michael’s future.

  • Kathryn Elton, Chief Advancement Officer
  • Katie Forjoe, Assistant Dean, Residence Life
  • Jean-Pierre Fortin, MA 2010, PhD 2014, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Faculty of Theology
  • Dave Hagelaar, Associate Chief Librarian, John M. Kelly Library
  • Sr. Mary Anne McCarthy, CSJ; BA 1972, MDiv 1994; Director, Mission and Values, Providence Healthcare; Collegium Member
  • Alison More, Assistant Professor, Comper Professorship of Medieval Studies
  • Laurie Morris, CSR Certificate 2013, Director of Communications
  • Lisa Rae, Director of the Office of the President
  • Greg Rupik, HBA 2008, MA 2017, Executive Assistant to the President
  • David Sylvester, President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Zhanghan (Neo) Yin, President of SMCSU 2019–20

Where We’ve Been and
Where We’re Going

Image depicts a chevron labeled Phase 1
Heading: Deepen Engagement and Understanding 
Subheading: July 2019 – December 2020
Body: Advisory group developed process
Community engagement 
Image depicts a chevron labeled Phase 2
Heading: Draft and Validate Priorities 
Subheading: January – August 2020
Body: Develop strategic framework
draft priorities
test and validate priorities
community engagement website (we are here) 
finalize priorities
Image depicts a chevron labeled Phase 3 Heading: Finalize Strategic Plan  Subheading: September – December 2020 Body: Draft strategic plan Present at Senate, Fall 2020 Approval, Collegium December 2020