Book and Media Studies

The Book and Media Studies program is an interdisciplinary and historical investigation of the role of printing, books, reading, and electronic and digital media in cultures past and present. It includes both print and electronic media, covering topics like manuscript and book production, internet publishing, book illustrations, advertising, censorship, and reading and entertainment alongside the development of mass media, the advent of radio, the emergence of television, global telecommunications, social media, and the World Wide Web.

The program prepares students for vocations in journalism, publishing, editing, communications and graduate programs in information and library science. The program also introduces them to topics in the Book History and Print Culture Graduate program at the University of Toronto.


SMC219Y1 — Mass Media in Culture and Society SMC228H1 — Elements of Material Bibliography and Print Culture SMC229H1 — Readers and Readerships SMC255H1 — Critical Approaches to Media SMC291H1 — Broadcast Media and Culture SMC300H1 — Special Topics in Book and Media Studies I SMC301H1 — Special Topics in Book and Media Studies II SMC314H1 — Media Revolutions SMC315H1 — The Newspaper in Canadian Society SMC316H1 — Social Technology and Networks SMC317H1 — Books, Media and Music SMC318H1 — Early Television SMC319H1 — Media Ethics SMC386H1 — Book and Media Internship SMC387H1 — Advertising and Media SMC398H1 — Independent Study in Book and Media Studies SMC398H1 — Independent Study in Book and Media Studies SMC392H1 — Media Identities SMC397H1 — Religion, Media and Culture SMC430H1 — Advanced Topics in Book and Media Studies I SMC431H1 — Advanced Topics in Book and Media Studies II SMC462H1 — Contemporary Issues in Media and Music SMC463H1 — Media in Education SMC464H1 — Church, Ethics and Media SMC465H1 — McLuhan SMC466H1 — Public Broadcasting in Canada SMC467H1 — What Is Information? SMC470H1 — Media Manipulation and History SMC210H1 — The Early Mediaeval Tradition SMC212H1 — The Later Mediaeval Tradition SMC305H1 — Christianity and Popular Culture SMC358H1 — The Mediaeval Book SMC361H1 — Mediaeval Law SMC364H1 — The Christian Book SMC374H1 — The Celtic Book SMC355H1 — Contemporary Celtic Cinema SMC406H1 — Mediaeval Seminar II SMC435H1 — Independent Studies in Mediaeval Studies SMC457H1 — Directed Research SMC385H1 — Multicultural Toronto by the Numbers

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