Finance Office: Procedures During Work-from-Home

Finance Office: Procedures During Work-from-Home

The Finance Office is working on a limited function effective immediately. Below are procedures you should follow for Finance-related needs during this work-from-home period. (Forms related to these procedures are available at the bottom of this page.)

During this time, all staff should scan and email invoices – with the proper accounting code and authorization – directly to the email addresses listed below. Original invoices will not be required. Managers can provide authorization by email.

Expense reimbursements should be handled in the following way:

  • Fill out an expense reimbursement form and send it to your manager.
  • Your manager can approve the form by electronic signature. (Instructions for providing an electronic signature are available in a video below.) If your manager cannot provide an electronic signature, please email Finance for other options for providing approval.
  • When you get the approved and signed form back from your manager, send it with all receipts (or electronic copies or scans of receipts) related to the expense to the Accounts Payable email address ( for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement will be deposited to the bank account where you receive your paycheque. (It will not part of your paycheque, but will be deposited to that account.)
  • Keep all hard copies of receipts related to the expense. You will need to submit them to Finance when normal operations resume.

Cheques for payment to vendors will be mailed out. If the vendor wishes to receive funds electronically, they will need to provide a void business cheque. Alternatively, Finance can pay using MasterCard if the vendor accepts this payment option.

Cheque requests will be delayed, with a minimum turnaround of two weeks to process. Finance cannot offer next day service at this time.

For all other Finance-related matters, please continue to email individual Finance team members.  Email addresses are available in the USMC staff directory.


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