Change in Pay Roll Process for Salaried Employees Begins Jan. 2022

As outlined in St. Mike’s 180, the University is committed to leading with transparency, accountability and good governance. In January 2022, St. Michael’s will roll out a new paperless Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Payroll system that will make it easier for staff to monitor and manage their time sheets online, book vacation time, review pay slips and personal information.  

One early result of this longer-term project is a change to our payroll process. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, salaried employees will receive payment based on an industry standard payroll practice called “payment in arrears.” This means employees will be paid one pay period after the actual time worked.  

On Jan. 14, 2022, employees who are affected by the change in timing of pay will receive a one-time additional pay, equivalent to two weeks of pay. This additional pay does not relate to any period worked and is being made to avoid any cash flow hardship during the transition to “payment in arrears.” 

The additional pay will be automatically repaid as a deduction over the next 25 pay periods (4% of the additional pay deducted per pay). The repayment will be clearly indicated on pay stubs. 

In 2022, T4s will appear to show a decreased net pay, but you are not being paid less than your entitlement during the transition year. Moving to “payment in arrears” means that payment for your last 2022 pay period will be paid the first pay period of 2023. 

Learn more from the FAQ. If you have additional questions, email