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Welcome to Campus Ministry @SMCMinistry

Are you looking to make a difference?  What about your desire to help others and improve on your personal goals, as well as your spiritual life? Well, look no further, you’ve arrived.  Campus Ministry at St. Michael’s will provide you the ability to do all of this and more.

Come out and join us for one event or more. Together let’s serve the needs of our local community and do so by sharing our unique gifts and talents.

The Office of Campus Ministry is located in Brennan Hall Room 101. Please drop in for a visit, a conversation or to share your ideas!  We need you!

Mission Statement

Rooted in the University of St. Michael’s College’s Roman Catholic identity and expression, and the tradition and values of the Basilian Fathers, Campus Ministry is committed to promoting Gospel values and the formation of the whole person.  We affirm and embrace the dignity of all people while respecting expressions of diversity, and we desire to accompany students, faculty, staff, and alumni as they grow in their relationship with God.  Campus Ministry also seeks to energize social and spiritual dimensions of campus life and form student leaders in the context of faith formation and discernment through creative engagement with the local collegiate Church and the wider universal Catholic community.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To uphold and profess our Basilian and Catholic tradition in both education and practice while affirming and respecting all religious diversity and practice at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.
  2. To ensure that our relationship with our collegiate Church- St. Basil’s parish, remains strong and continues to build upon the liturgical and sacramental expression on campus life.
  3. To invite all students, faculty and staff members to actively participate in the faith life of the college community, ensuring that it is a place of belonging for all people, regardless of ethnicity, faith, culture and orientation.
  4. To assist and encourage all residence and commuter students in faith formation and discernment activities, including outreach and evangelization efforts, in order to foster, support and enhance the faith life expressed on campus.
  5. To identify and enhance student leadership on campus which allows for the invitation to participate in the overall success and implementation of the campus ministry formation model program.
  6. To ensure an ethic of hospitality and service to all groups on campus, including all students, faculty, staff members, alumni, visitors and various organizations.
  7. To ensure the inherent dignity and respect of every human person, recognizing our imperfections, individual struggles and personal challenges, yet being mindful of the expressed compassion and mercy required in order to ensure the overall health and wellness of each individual on campus