Fellows of St. Michael’s College

St. Michael’s College Fellows are an esteemed community of academics chosen for their promise and achievements in scholarship and teaching. They contribute to the common life and mission of the College by participating in College governance and campus events, mentoring students, and volunteering for service activities.

  • Aerospace Studies

    Chris Damaren

  • Book & Media Studies, St. Michael’s College

    Iris Gildea

    Paolo Granata

    Felan Parker

  • Celtic Studies, St. Michael’s College

    Brent Miles

    David Wilson

  • Christianity & Culture, St. Michael’s College

    Adam Hincks

    Reid Locklin

    Michael O’Connor

    Jean-Olivier Richard

    Giulio Silano

    Stephen Tardif

  • Chemistry

    Scott Browning

  • English

    Randy Boyagoda

    John O’Connor

  • French

    Dorothea Kullmann

    Alexie Tcheuyap

  • History

    Mark McGowan

  • iSchool

    Seamus Ross

  • Italian

    Francesco Guardiani

  • Law

    Anna Su

  • Mathematics

    Mary Pugh

  • Mediaeval Studies, Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies

    Greti Dinkova-Bruun

    Michèle Mulchahey

  • Mediaeval Studies, St. Michael’s College

    Alexander Andrée

    Alison More

  • OISE

    Carol Rolheiser

    Elizabeth Smyth

  • Philosophy

    Elmar Kremer

    David Novak

    Michael Vertin

  • Physical Education & Health

    Peter Donnelly

  • Physics

    Robert Logan

  • Political Science

    Lawrence LeDuc

    Clifford Orwin

  • Rotman School of Commerce

    Michael Ryall

  • Theology

    Brian Walsh

  • Fellows Emeritus

    Daniel Donovan

    Ann Dooley

    Joseph Goering