A Message from the Collegium of the University of St. Michael’s College

Dear Members of the USMC Community,

This is a time of hope and promise for the University of St. Michael’s College.  As was recently announced, President and Vice-Chancellor David Mulroney has confirmed that he will not be seeking an extension of his term, and we have embarked on the search for a new President. Outreach to the USMC community is in progress, seeking perspectives on the opportunities, challenges, and issues facing our University and what qualities, capacities, sensibility and experience the candidates to be the next President should possess.

At a recent meeting of Collegium, the governing body of USMC, there was strong consensus that St. Michael’s, founded by the Basilian Fathers, should remain true to its tradition of being a dynamic academic community dedicated to pursuing knowledge for its own sake and to upholding the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, alongside a rigorous commitment to academic freedom and a charitable approach to debate. These efforts thrive within the setting of the University of Toronto, a world-renowned research institution with whom we enjoy the mutual benefits of federation.

In recent weeks, a number of articles have appeared in the media after an open letter was sent to President David Mulroney regarding a presentation he made at a Catholic media conference in Quebec City, earlier this summer. The Collegium wishes to make clear that it has taken time to deliberate upon the concerns articulated in the open letter and to consider as well the views of others who have contacted us about this matter.

While USMC faces many challenges and opportunities in the coming years, the University has, under the dedicated and ambitious leadership of President Mulroney, made significant progress in many important areas, including a rejuvenation of undergraduate life at the College. We recognize the achievements and successes of our students, past and present, and acknowledge the work of our dedicated and talented faculty, librarians, and staff at the College, the Faculty of Theology, the Kelly Library, and throughout the institution. The members of our community individually and collectively demonstrate a daily commitment to helping our students thrive both academically and spiritually. We are proud of the achievements of our faculty members and the significant contributions they have made and continue to make to Catholic intellectual life in

Canada and abroad. We recognize the strong and continued support of our diverse and proud alumni and of our generous donors. Finally, we would not enjoy this continuing legacy without the tireless dedication and inspiring examples of the Basilian Fathers, the Sisters of Loretto, and the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The Collegium is committed to ensuring that USMC continues to be a welcoming, flourishing and inclusive community. We are equally committed to ensuring that all members of the University can work in true collegial fashion to promote and advance our mission. In this regard, the Collegium has undertaken to study and assess ways of improving internal governance procedures with a view to achieving this key priority.

With the presidential search underway, we are looking forward to an exciting future for our University.  President Mulroney and his predecessors have developed a strong platform for taking USMC successfully into the future.

Please direct any comments to Mr. Paul Harris by email at pharris@avenueinvestment.com


The Collegium of the University of St. Michael’s College